MapSource Installer

Installing Rotweiler maps to MapSource or BaseCamp
 Note:  Our maps are fully compatible with ALL versions of Garmin MapSource and BaseCamp.

For a PC, the current version of MapSource:

or BaseCamp:

All Rotweiler mapset installers for the PC install to Garmin's MapSource or BaseCamp.
These are the Garmin proprietary programs for viewing maps on your computer and for up-
loading them to your GPSr. If you do not have MapSource or BaseCamp currently installed,
you can download and install BaseCamp (no previous Garmin product required), then install
the Rotweiler mapset(s) of your choice.  You can then also install MapSource if you wish.

For a Mac:

Mac MapInstall can be downloaded from:   

and BaseCamp for Mac

After BaseCamp and/or MapInstall for Mac are installed, installing our maps is simply a matter of 
clicking the .gmap file.
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