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All Rotweiler maps are fully routable and indexed (searchable) for all NT-compatible Garmin GPS devices. Our maps provide full voice guidance on voice-capable units. All of our maps are available as MapSource installers. Most maps are also available as Mac-compatible mapsets, viewable on your computer as well as your GPSr.

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We have thousands of hours invested in these mapping projects. While we all do this as a hobby and our maps have previously been made available to the GPS mapping community without charge, mapping and the internet unfortunately costs money.

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Garmin and MapSource® are the registered trademarks of Garmin International Inc. or its subsidiaries. Garmin is the manufacturer of Garmin Brand GPS devices.

As the GPS mapping community is well aware, Garmin does not endorse the use of custom maps in their GPSrs and claims that usage of such maps may void your warranty and/or cause damage to your GPSr (although they provide links of many builders of custom maps!).

While builds maps to current international GPS mapping standards, we cannot be held responsible if Garmin's claim just happens to be true.

All maps were built by members of the GPS mapping community using GPS Loggers from TranSystem, Inc, created with GPSMapEdit and compiled using cGPSMapper.

Discontinued Maps
While work on these maps has been discontinued, they are still available to downloaders.

file_icons/generic.png Kyushu Routable Installer
    Description:    Rotweiler's Kyushu Routable Version 1.0 - coverage for Kyushu. This is the final work of Sochi Kenkyusha. He will be sorely missed by his friends as well as all GPS map-makers and map-users alike.

This is as far as Sochi got in his project to create an english language routable map of Japan. This map covers the entire Island of Kyuschu with almost all major highways named.

This map is "navigation-ready".

While the map includes all (to the best of our knowledge) major roadways of Kyushu, it contains few POIs - these were to be added later. Unfortunately, Sochi never got around to finishing that aspect of the map.

Further information is contained in the "News" page.

    Type:   MapSource Installer & Mac Installer
    Updated:    October 7, 2008
    File Size:   5.24 MB
file_icons/generic.png Chiang Mai Region Installer
    Description:    Rotweiler's Chiang Mai Thailand Version 3.5 - An update of the Chiang Mai Region map. This map includes all of the districts making up Greater Chiang Mai, including SAN SAI, MAE RIM, HANG DONG, SARAPHI, SAN KAMPHAENG, DOI SAKET, as well as the City of Chiang Mai itself (MUEANG CHIANG MAI).

This build has improved search capability and routing, as well as many additional roads and points of interest.

    Type:   MapSource Installer
    Updated:   May 8, 2010
    File Size:    1.55 MB
file_icons/generic.png Greater Bangkok Installer
    Description:    Rotweiler's Greater Bangkok Region Routable Version 3 - Substantially revised and enhanced coverage for all of Greater Bangkok. New build of June 27, 2008 was created with the newest version of cGPSMapper, so indexes fully function with all Garmin devices.
    Type:    MapSource Installer
    Updated:    June 27, 2008
    File Size:    14.4 MB
file_icons/generic.png Guam Installer
Click image for a large sample
    Description:    Rotweiler's Guam Routable. This mapset was created in response to a request from a user for a GPS map of the Island of Guam. It provides accurate detail for most roads and has some POIs.

Feedback - especially roadways names and POIs, would be most appreciated.

    Type:    MapSource Installer
    Updated:   September 28, 2010
    File Size:    432 KB
file_icons/generic.png  Pakistan Installer
Click image for a large sample
    Description:    The Pakistan mapping project started as a custom map for a friend and was originally based on publicly-available data. It provided coverage of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Wa, as well as some major connecting roadways/highways.

Version 1.83 includes a large number of enhancements throughout the country. In urban areas, the Karachi and Hyderabad maps has been improved. In non-urban areas, improvements have been made in the North where the Karakoram Highway is now complete through the Khunjerab Pass to the China border, as well as including a number of non-major routes in Northern Pakistan (including some BEAUTIFUL and somewhat difficult 4-Wheel Drive routes.

If you are a GPS-user in or sinmply interested in the roadway system in Pakistan, we know you will find this mapset useful. It is accurate - no "guesswork" or "approximate" routings as available from an un-named major purveyer of maps. As always with Rotweiler-produced maps, the map is searchable and routable.

Of course, we always appreciate routes, tracks, or POIs to further enhance our maps.

    Type:   MapSource Installer & Mac Installer
    New:   December 27, 2010
    File Size:    5.61 MB
SILVER   Thailand South Installer
Click image for a large sample
    Description:    Rotweiler's Thailand South Tourist Edition Version 4.30 - This map covers all of Southern Thailand from the Malaysian Border to Ranong. The mapset is fully routable and searchable. This build included new roads and POIs in most of the tourist areas. It has also been re-processed for improved routing.

Points of interest cover:
- accomodations (ranging from resorts to humble residences), entertainment, foot, as well as religious centers
- shopping and personal services (banks, salons, massage, post offices, banking
- while one hopes you never need them - Police Stations and hospitals/clinics
- travel POIs including automotive related shops, service/repair stations, travel and tour operators
- tourist Attractions including cultural and historical places, and geographical landmarks

Of course, the mapset provides help getting around - it includes the complete highway/street system and also labeling of the Mu Ban's to help you find your way to and through the "named" sub-divisions scattered throughout Thailand.

    Updated:    December 27, 2010
    Type:    MapSource Installer & Mac Installer
    File Size:   11.1 MB

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