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The BaseCamp Mac Help Page
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How to install and transfer maps from your Mac using Garmin Basecamp and Mapinstall

Visit the Garmin website at the link shown below. Download and install Basecamp and MapInstall if you have not already done so. MapInstall also includes MapManager.

Download from Garmin's Mac Pages.

Once BaseCamp and MapInstall have been installed, download the Rotweilermaps Mac installer for the mapset of your choice. After the downloaded has completed, click on the downloaded .zip file and extract the .gmap file folder that appears (for example, Cambodia.gmap) and click on it to install that map into BaseCamp.

To view the map in Basecamp, open Basecamp then click VIEW - MAP PRODUCT and select your installed Rotweiler map.

To transfer a map (or multiple maps) to your Garmin GPS from your Mac, connect your Garmin GPS to your Mac using the supplied cable. Open MapInstall, then click on CONTINUE.

In the next window, select the GPS where you would like the map(s) to be sent - either to your Garmin's internal memory (displayed as the Garmin's model number - such as Nuvi 1450) or the SD Card in your Garmin GPS unit. We strongly recommend you send maps only to your SD card and not to internal memory. Sending any map to either the internal memory of your Garmin GPS unit or to its SD card will overwrite whatever maps are already there. So either be sure that is what you wish to do or keep a backup.

Click on CONTINUE.

A drop-down meu will appear at the top left-hand corner. This will list all maps currently installed on your computer. Select the map(s) you want to send to your GPS and click on the map or portions of the maps below that you wish sent to your Garmin GPSr. The map or map portion you have selected will change color to blue after you have selected it. You can select more than one map from more than one mapset if you wish - MapInstall will remember them.

Step 5: When you have selected all the maps that you wish sent to your GPS unit, click "Send Maps" at the bottom right-hand corner. This will install the maps either to your SD card or internal memory, depending on which you selected.

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